Can Cancer be completely cured?

Recovery depends on the stage and type of the disease. There are many types of cancer where patients have completely recovered. Not all cancers are dangerous There are numerous cancers where patients can recover completely, for example, seminoma. We all know that cricketer Yuvraj Singh suffered from seminoma and fully recovered. But cancers like ovarian, brain tumors, lung cancers when at advanced stage carry guarded prognosis. Cure is not the word used in cancer outcome. When a patient is operated and the cancer is surgically removed or treated with any therapy and it is not detectable on known technical parameters, then it is termed as “Remission”. Majority of patients who enter in remission are of earlier stages. Another challenge in cancer treatment is relapse or metastasis which leads to death of more than 90% of the cancer patients. The main challenge in cancer management is to prevent / delay the recurrence of cancer at local or distal sites. Ayurveda plays a vital role in keeping such patients in remission for longer duration. It may be from months to a few years, even in cases of aggressive cancers. On recurrence / metastatic cancers, main objective of the therapy is to bring the patient into remission and importantly with better quality of life.

If a patient turns to Ayurvedic Medicine at an early stage, then chances of recovery stand good.

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