General Observation of Cancer Patient

  • Oxygen Supply

    When there is improper blood supply and insufficient oxygen supply to every cell and organs of the body it will not function properly and automatically it hampers immunity which causes various types of cancers. Also affecting normal parameters of the blood.

  • Pathy Treatment

    In allopathy, generally there are only three lines of treatments to treat cancer:
    1. Surgery
    2. Chemotherapy
    3. Radiation Therapy

  • Poor Recovery Rate

    After this treatment, the success rate of recovery is very poor.

  • Side Effects

    Also, there are various side effects of Chemotherapy and radiation on the body.

  • Complications

    The Patient feels better to die instead of going through these complications.

  • Result

    There will be wastage of money and time also.

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Benefits of Medicine on Cancer Disease

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Boosts Immunity.

Reduces the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation.

Helps to maintain blood parameters.

Helps speedy recovery from cancer of any stage.

Success rate of recovery is more than 90%.

No drug interaction with any other pathy medicine.

You can take these medicines along with allopathytreatment to achieve maximum success rate.