How do cancer drugs work?

Chemotherapy uses drugs to destroy cancer cells. But chemotherapy drugs can also harm healthy cells, leading to treatment side effects.

Newer drugs, called targeted drugs, block genes or proteins found in the cancer cells. Targeted therapy usually causes less harm to healthy cells, but it still has side effects.

Benefits of Hope Medicine over Cancer :
• This medicine supplies proper, sufficient blood and oxygen to every cell and organ of the body. It also boosts body immunity which is helpful to treat cancer and helps to prohibit the growth of tumors.
• It increases hemoglobin and platelets count.
• Reduces Depression and Increases Confidence.
• Reduces the side Effects of allopathy Treatments.
• WBC count comes in normal range.
• All the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation also decrease.
• Reduces Nausea and vomiting.
• Reduces weakness.
• Improves body immune system.
• Reduces hair loss.
• Controls body heat or temperature.
• Increases body energy.
• Improves digestion system and increases appetite.
• Helps to gain weight.
• If this medicine is taken along with chemotherapy and radiation then the success rate of recovery of the disease is more than 95%.
• It helps to decrease skin rashes and hyperpigmentation.
• It can be taken before chemotherapy or along with chemotherapy or radiation. It helps to prevent the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation and also reduces the chances of recurrence.

• By using this herbal medicine with your allopathy treatment you can be free from Cancer and also the side effects of allopathy medicine and you are free from recurrence and free from the side effects of chemotherapy and Radiations.

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